Impacted Canine Surgery: Overall Experience and Recovery

I’ve had braces on for about three years now. I’ve also had eight teeth pulled out. That said, I’m no rookie to the world of orthodontia. But when the day came that I had to get impacted canine surgery, I couldn’t help but be nervous. So I’m here to tell you – whether you’re here because you have to get this procedure done, or you know someone who does – what my experience was like.

Wait, what?

For those of you don’t know, canine teeth are the teeth at the corners of your mouth that come to a point at the bottom.  For most people, these teeth will act like any other tooth; the baby canine will fall out, and the adult one will come in. But for those special few, including myself, the adult canine won’t start to move into place. That’s what makes these teeth “impacted,” because they won’t come down.  The baby tooth will either: a) just stay there until something happens to it or b) be pulled out, but the adult tooth won’t come in, making it “impacted.”


So why is having impacted teeth a problem, I mean, can’t you just use your baby teeth?

When I asked my orthodontist this question, she let me know that many adults with impacted teeth don’t realize that they still have in their baby teeth in instead of the adult teeth. As these people age, the baby tooth will break or fall out. Baby teeth aren’t meant to stay in your mouth that long, and they won’t be able to go through all that wear n’ tear of your entire life. If you don’t do anything about your impacted teeth, eventually you’re going to end up with a big gap in your smile, and nobody wants that. To fill this gap, we have to manually pull down the adult tooth to where it belongs!

Here’s what I did:

I can’t speak for other people, but this what happened to me.

I sat down in a sterile room with a dental chair, and a bunch of scary instruments and scalpels on the table next to it. It was a picture straight out of a horror movie – yet what happened was the opposite. I placed in my ear buds, and put my phone in the pocket of my sweats. I definitely recommend bringing music because I could barely hear anything that they were doing inside my mouth. And the comfy clothes made me almost fall asleep.

I already had my canine teeth pulled out by my dentist months before. This had been done to see if my adult tooth would come down naturally if the baby tooth wasn’t blocking it, but obviously that didn’t happen. Now I was going to go through a procedure where the beginning of my “canine teeth journey,” would begin.

My oral surgeon began cutting into my gums where the adult tooth was, though I couldn’t feel it due to the numbing medication. If anything, all I felt was a little bit of pressure. A button was then attached to my adult tooth, which was still in my gums, and a barely visible gold chain was attached to the button. This gold chain was going to be tied to a wire in my mouth, where it would gradually pull down the tooth.

The procedure was very quick and painless. My gums were stitched up, and I was ready to go!


In all truth, recovery was absolutely amazing! I have had teeth pulled out before, and I’ve been sore and hurt for weeks after. However, during this procedure, I was pretty much back to normal in 2 days, though I still watched the kinds of foods I ate (crunchy or sharp foods are not recommended), just so that I didn’t hurt myself. I also followed a care regimen that my oral surgeon gave me, which included flushing out my gums with salt water. If I had to give any advice, it would be to not be worried if you are getting this procedure done, you’ll be back to you in no time! And eating a lot of ice cream won’t hurt the process …

The End Result

I thought that after getting this surgery that my mouth would look really weird, but it actually didn’t. My stitches were done so that you couldn’t see them from the outside of my gums. Also, the gold chain was so thin and short that it didn’t look different from the braces I already had on.  In fact, it was actually less noticeable.

The next time I went to the orthodontist, it was time to pull on the gold chain. I was so happy to get it started because I wanted to get the gap in my mouth gone. While though it may be different for you, my teeth were able to come down in 3 months! It worked out perfectly for me because I got my surgery done at the beginning of summer, and by the end I was able to come back to school with a full smile. I was beyond happy with my impacted canine surgery, and you should be excited if you are getting it done soon. You’re one step closer to your perfect smile!


I’m certainly not a dentist or an oral surgeon, so I’m just speaking from what I saw and experienced, but I really hoped that I was able to help out and give some clarity to those of you who may be going through this procedure soon. Trust me, it’s not that bad, and it is so worth the end result!

As always, thank you so much for reading this blog, written By me, Emily.




2 thoughts on “Impacted Canine Surgery: Overall Experience and Recovery

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  1. Hi Emily! Soon I will have to get this surgery done and i’m very nervous… I’ve been researching this surgery and most people say the older you are the harder it is for the impacted tooth to come done. Hearing yours came down in three months, could you provide your age? Thank you.


    1. Hi Maya! I was about 14 to 15 when I had my surgery done. Don’t be nervous, it’s seriously not as bad as it seems! Thank you so much for reading my article 🙂


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