The Whoodle Diaries: 3 months

On Saturday,  August 4, I got a puppy! She is a little over three months old and so full of joy. I want to be able to document her life through this blog, in a series I will call “The Whoodle Diaries.” Hopefully this will not only be a journey for me, but for you all too, as we will learn more about the changes in a dog’s life, and how whoodles (Wheaten Terrier – Poodles) differentiate from other dog breeds.

So first, I believe an introduction is due.

Her name is Kala, pronounced Kaw-la, like”Call a cab.” She was named after the gorilla mother of Tarzan, who we love so much and who has become a symbol for love in our family. We found out later that  the name Kala is also an Indian baby name, and it means “black,” which is perfect because she has the thickest and softest black fur.

Kala has a very sweet and mellow personality. She is the calmest puppy you will ever meet, and she just wants to love everyone. We were expecting this kind of personality because whoodles are often used as service dogs, and she would definitely make a great one! She loves everyone and everything she meets, except for her reflection, which can be a bit scary for her. Man, woman, child, dog, cat, or squirrel; she just wants to go love you.

While she acts normally very calm and sleepy, Kala is getting more comfortable with showing her inner puppy. Playing fetch and tug-of-war are like candy to a child for her, but what gets her riled up like no other is her fellow puppies! We have set up a couple of play-dates with my aunt’s corgi puppies. It’s a great way to get their exercise out because they never stop running. We found out today, since it was very hot, that Kala loves water! When she was running with the other pups and needed a little break, she would just lie down in the baby pool. It was adorable!

Poodles are the most intelligent dog breed, so it made sense that Kala would be a smart dog. Yet at 3 months old, we were not expecting for her to be able to learn so quickly and easily! She has been with us for a week now and already knows sit, down, spin, fetch, and where to go pee in our yard. However, being a smart puppy hasn’t always worked in our favor. When she learned how to climb up the stairs in our house, we knew we had to put up a gate so we could always keep an eye on her. Then one day, I went upstairs and she got frustrated that she couldn’t go with me. Mind you, we’ve had dogs before, and they have never even thought of doing what she did. She was actually able to climb onto the ottoman, and squeeze through the fence on our staircase, and basically avoid the gate. We didn’t know what to feel because we were so amazed by her intelligence, but we knew we had to puppy-proof the house even further now!

What will the future hold?

Tomorrow is a very exciting day because I will be going to Kala’s first puppy class! I think that the instructor is going to be pretty impressed with her because she is already a very well behaved pup. Also, I know Kala is going to have a lot of fun with the other puppies. Sometimes I wonder if she misses her brothers and sisters, because she seems to enjoy playing with other dogs so much. Hopefully she’ll start to see my family and me as part of her family as she becomes more acclimated. Until then, we are just going to give her so much love and make her the best dog ever! And as she is sleeping so soundly in her crate next to me right now, I can already tell that she will be.

As always, thank you so much for reading this blog, written By me, Emily.





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