Homecoming 2018! GRWM and Overall Experience

Homecoming. That word can bring up so many different emotions for a person. I believe the one thing that we can all agree on is that Homecoming is a night to remember. I went to my school’s homecoming about a week ago. For the first time, I also went to the game, but I am going to talk about that in a separate post. For now, let’s sit down, get a snack, and talk about all those fun little details about my Homecoming dance, a night to remember.

I started off the day in my favorite kind of way: by getting my nails done, of course. I decided to just get normal nail polish since I’m not a big fan of acrylics, but I saw that a whole lot of girls were getting fake nails too. I chose a nail polish color that matched the color of my dress exactly, and when a moment like that happens, I take it as a silent, but not forgotten, victory – a great start to the day.

I didn’t have much to do for the rest of the day to prep myself for the dance. For about a week I had been putting fake tan on my legs because my legs are whiter than white and I learned from my experience last year that having pale legs in photos is not my best look. This year I made sure that my legs were a reasonable color,  so now I was ready to rest for a little while until I had to start doing my hair. I had chosen some inspiring and pretty much unattainable photos of hairstyles from Pinterest, but I was excited to get started!

hair homecoming 2018
Hair Inspiration from Pinterest

I chose to do a body wave style curl for my hair, which ended up being really pretty, and I would recommend doing. Like shown in the Pinterest photo, I also did a little twisty-hair-thingy that was very easy, but looked like it took a lot of time. If you want to do this hairstyle, remember to get clear elastics to tie back your hair so that it looks simple and gorgeous! Also, I HIGHLY recommend putting a lot of hairspray on your curls because homecoming is very sweaty and hot, and they will definitely fall out if you don’t.

Next up: makeup. I did a simple look, but just a bit more dramatic and dark than I would for my everyday makeup. I also put on some eye shadow, which I normally don’t do, but I think it looks really pretty for nights like these. Usually makeup is easy for me, so I didn’t think too much of what I was doing, but then something had to go wrong. It all started when I thought that putting on fake lashes would be easy. News flash: it’s really frickin hard. I got glue all over my perfect eye shadow, which is extremely frustrating when you are on a time crunch. If I had any advice for homecoming, it would be to remember that you don’t need to look perfect. If you mess up while getting ready, it is all going to be okay, and you are still going to look fabulous. I wish I had this advice when I was getting ready because I got super stressed and felt like my whole look was falling apart. Eventually I got my makeup done, and it actually looked even better the second time I did it. Next year I am definitely going to practice my makeup beforehand so that I am ready when the day of the dance comes. The last thing to do now was to get into my outfit.

No offense to all of the beautiful people at homecoming, but I think that I had one of the cutest dresses ever. It was purple with a mahogany-ish tint, lace bodycon style, and off the shoulder: it was beautiful. I got into the dress, put on my black heels, and looked in the mirror. I only needed one more thing. I put on my favorite necklace and looked in the mirror again.

Yup, I was ready to go.

The rest of the night went really well. I met up with my friends to take some photos, we ate dinner, and then it was time to go to the actual dance. Overall, I had a lot of fun, but homecoming is definitely even more lively for those who are ready to just go crazy and dance with a bunch of other people. I didn’t want to do some of the things they were doing, and I’ve got to admit, I felt a little bit peer pressured. Luckily, I went with one of my friends who felt the same way, and we just danced the night away together, and ended up having a really great time. The photos that we took in the photo booth definitely show how much fun we were having because we both look so happy and silly.

I had so much fun getting ready for homecoming, and was so full of joy the whole night. If you are going to your homecoming, remember that it is just a dance, and you do not need to look like the Taj Mahal. As long as you feel confident in how you look and act, you will have a great time. If you ever feel peer pressured like I was, just remember that you can still have a blast just hanging out with your friends and dancing with them. I recommend finding at least one friend to be buddies with because it can be easy to get split up, and it’s always nice to know that you are going to have somebody by your side to dance like a crazy person with.

I think that’s all I have to say, so in the words of many high schoolers, or maybe just my friends and I, “May the hairspray hold your curls, and just have a great night.” After all, it will be one to remember.

As always, thank you so much for reading this blog post, written By Me, Emily.

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